It Is our belief that all great wines begin in the vineyard. PLease read on to learn more about the vineyards that make our wines so special.


Vivio Vineyard

Bennett Valley

At just under 700 planted acres, Bennett Valley is one of the State’s smallest viticultural areas, yet its wines set a benchmark for California wine in channeling Old World character.  Vivio Vineyard, resting on the Valley’s western slope, is a case in point.  Bathed in warm Sonoma sun for most of the growing season, evenings bring fog from San Pablo Bay in the South, providing a buffer to the surrounding warmer climate.  The vineyard planted in 2003 by landowners, Joe and Priscilla Vivio.  Their thoughtful selection of Syrah clones from France and Australia is truly one of the Vineyard’s exceptional traits.  Well-drained volcanic soils further define the terroir along with a precise and sustainable approach to viticulture.


Jemrose Vineyard

Bennett Valley

Jemrose Vineyard lies among rolling hills in the Southeast corner of Sonoma County.  Here, in the Bennett Valley AVA, a patchwork of open grassland and groves of Coast Live Oak give way to carefully manicured vineyard rows.  Warm Summer days draw evening fog up from San Pablo Bay in the South.  This coastal influence has a moderating effect on daytime temperatures and ensures an extended growing season.  This additional hang time adds character and complexity to fruit while softening astringent tannin and acidity. The rocky, volcanic soils of the region are lean and well-drained.  This “poor dirt” reduces grapevine vigor, in turn concentrating flavors and character.


Thieriot Vineyard

Petaluma Gap


Craighead Vineyard

Sonoma Coast/Russian River Valley

Truly a relic of California’s history and a living example of how the State’s heritage and the Zinfandel grape have been intertwined from the start.  Craighead Vineyard was recently meticulous and sustainable approach to viticulture.